Imbolc 2007

Friday, February 2nd
Time: 8:00PM

Location: PSR Chapel


Priestess (the Priestess will speak to and, if necessary, for the goddess Brigit) Michelle

Priest (the Priest will speak to and, if necessary, for Brigit's son, Ruadan) Mike (the Priest is also responsible for handling the magickal tools)



Circle Caster(s)

Music Director (someone who will do any of the solos and will lead the chants) Sam

Cast the Circle

Quarter Calls:

Four ritual attendants will invite the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Statement of Intent:

"The Sun has recently entered the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. With the Sun in this location, we now have the capacity to tap into Aquarius' humanitarian characteristics. At this Imbolc celebration, we wish to ask the gods for mercy. May we live relatively painless lives, and may we devote much of our time in service of others.

As a group, we have agreed to offer our service towards some greater cause. The project will unfold before us shortly. Until then, we commit to serving the gods, to serving ourselves (we pledge to meet our basic needs), and to serving our kin.

At Imbolc, the Goddess awaits under a breezy veil before she shoots forth signs of spring. Now is a precious time. We feel cool bursts of wind, but we know that the sun will shine forth soon. We stand between seasons, a good time to honor the deities of winter and the deities of spring. Both show themselves to us at this time."


Invocation #1:

Written by Michelle, with help from Sam.

I stand on sacred ground And call to the heavens above.We have gathered togetherTo honor the goddess Brigit And her son, Ruadan.

'Tis Imbolc Eve, And we will worship the god and goddess, Who will glide with us From winter into spring.

As the days lengthenBrigid returns, Goddess of light As new growth springs up, Ruadan returns, the young God

We still feel the cold, But spring will come soon. After this wintry season, We will show forth What we have sown.

Invocation #2:

A friend and mentor wrote the following:

I invoke the fire of the mind, my power to name and inspire. I invoke the fire of the hearth, my power to nourish and heal. I invoke the fire of the forge, my power to shape the world.

Lighting of Brigit's flame:

Tool Handler:

(also written by my friend/mentor; Tool Handler lights candle and speaks:)

"With the hammer of our will at the forge of our desire by our hands and in our hearts we light Her transforming fire."

The Working:

After the invocation, the group moves into the magickal working. Wait a few moments until the group feels the Goddess's presence. She will make herself known. The Priestess, wearing a crown of luminaries, rises from her throne (standing at the North Altar), when the Goddess is present.

The Questioner stands to the left side of the Priestess. The group should line up in front of the Questioner and Priestess. Each steps forward, adorns the altar, and moves toward the Questioner. The Recorder stands to the right of the Priestess. The Priest stands across from the other three players, at the South Altar.

PRIESTESS (when she stands up): On this night we honor the Goddess of returning spring as Brigit, Ashless Flame of the smithy. We draw upon the fire of creation within us. What will be your acts of creation in the coming year?

PRIEST: On this night we honor the God of returning spring. Now is a time of new growth. As the sun returns, seeds waken in the earth. What spiritual seeds are you planting?

(The group goes to the Questioner, continue as planned originally.)


"For what do you give thanks?"

"What do you intend to create this year?"

"How will you measure your success?"

The Recorder takes notes on each participant's responses. The written account will be considered private.

After the questions, the Priestess offers a blessing to each practitioner. She might speak a few words, or she might kiss the individual on the forehead. The practitioner then moves clockwise around the circle until he or she arrives at the South quarter.

The Priest awaits and also offers a blessing. Again, the Priest may speak a few words. Or the Priest might offer a meaningful gesture and/or an embrace.


"When we come together at Lammas time, we will reflect on the promises we made: those which we made to ourselves and those which we made to our gods. I anticipate that we all will have fulfilled our promises. However, the form which the results have taken may not match our original expectations. Often the gods surprise us. When we think we know what is best for us, the gods show us another path.

At Lammas, we will share with the group the results of our pledges. I will ask you to declare to me what you have learned and what you have created. I know that you will have answers for me. You may not know until Lammas what Truth you will speak, but when the time comes to answer to me, you will know how you have fulfilled your pledges."

After each member of the group has approached the Questioner, Priestess, Recorder, and Priest with results, the group will take a few moments of silence before closing the circle and thus terminating the rite.

The four players, named above, will congregate in the center of the circle, will join hands, and will give thanks to the Goddess and God. The Priestess dismisses Brigit; the Priest says farewell to Ruadan.

Closing Song:

Brigid's Jig: (Brigid Bardette, and the Dischordeadors)[1]

(solo) Brigid the harper of love - (all) Fire Us! Brigid the heart of the forge - Fire Us! Brigid the healer of wounds - Fire Us! (all) Fire Us! Fire Us! Fire Us Up!

Brigid the Queen of the well - Fire Us! Gives bards stories to tell - Fire Us! Bounty wherever She dwells - Fire Us!Fire Us! Fire Us! Fire Us Up!

(solo) Fiery hair, eyes of green, whisp'ring voices, poet's dream Bring Your mantle, spread it outWarm the earth and make it sprout. Harp Your way into our hearts, Inspire all our earthly arts. We ask of You Your blessings dear We give to You our praises here!

(solo) Brigid the harper of love - (all) Fire Us! Brigid the heart of the forge - Fire Us! Brigid the healer of wounds - Fire Us! (all) Fire Us! Fire Us! Fire Us Up!

Brigid the Queen of the well - Fire Us! Gives bards stories to tell - Fire Us! Bounty wherever She dwells - Fire Us! Fire Us! Fire Us! Fire Us Up!

Cakes & Ale

Closing of the Circle:

The person or people who called the quarters will now dismiss the elements and end the rite. Quarter dismissals may be written beforehand, or may be performed on the spot.