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Welcome to my website! Besides being a Director of Religious Education at a UU church, I am involved with interfaith, the Covenant of the Goddess, and Cherry Hill Seminary. Please browse my website as your leisure to explore my scholarship and follow the links for projects that matter to me.

I am currently working on a Ph.D. at the Graduate Theological Union in Cultural and Historical Studies of Religions. I have an M.Div. from the Pacific School of Religion and B.A. from Bryn Mawr College.

Hobbies and interests include: bellydance, Paganism, Tarot, Wicca, knitting, skiing, and feminist theory.

Most Admired

I respect and thank mentors and teachers: Radcliffe Edmonds; Mary Hunt; Helena Domenic and Ivo Dominguez; Donald Frew and Anna Korn.

R.I.P. Mary Daly 1928 - 2010

Courses I've Taught

Intro to Interfaith

Pagan Religious Education for Youth and Children
This course prepares Pagan leaders to engage with young people on a spiritual level. It is important that Pagan communities include age-appropriate activities and resources for all involved. Youth ministry speaks to the youngest in our communities. In this course, instructor will draw from Unitarian Universalist models to define the differences between children, youth, and young adults and investigate their religious education curricula. Instructor and students will find and create programs for Pagan religious education, but will turn to other existing, effective programs for inspiration. We will consider ways to serve children, youth, and young adults by successful, thoughtful ministry, including appropriate bridging ceremonies and programs. Areas of Pagan youth ministry will range from raising children Pagan, youth programming at Pagan festivals, coming of age ceremonies, and campus ministry. See Cherry Hill Seminary for teaching schedule.

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